Project: Coca-Cola Dep install

Client: Mosaic Montreal & Coca-Cola

Timeline: April 2019 to Februrary 2020

Install of 3 modified shipping containers in six different events across the province including Osheaga, La Ronde, Saint-Sauveur, and Galleries de la Capitale. Using cranes and flatbed specialized trucks, the installs were completed in 24h and included a full setup of the interior, creating a temporary Depanneur for visiting teens.

Dep Coca-Cola La Ronde

Project: Peroni section at Bar George

Client: PM Paquet & Peroni

Timeline: Septembre 2020

Peroni invested in its brand by creating a custom bar and terrace space dedicated to the patrons of the Bar George. This 8’ wide bar and its seating section were used in the outdoor section of the restaurant for three months.


Project: Banque Nationale Rogers Cup

Client: Vibrant Marketing & Banque Nationale

Timeline: August 2019

Banque Nationale’s activation at the Rogers Cup 2019 in Montreal and Toronto with a setup of two fully customized shipping containers providing technical experiences including an eye tracking technology game and a motion activated light show.